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METALLICA Nearing The End Of Recording Process For New Album, Allude To A 2016 Release

Seriously. It's gonna happen for real this time.

Seriously. It's gonna happen for real this time.

Metallica played its pre-Super Bowl show this past Saturday at AT&T Stadium and streamed the whole ordeal for free. which you can still watch. The show was your typically fantastic musical performance from Metallica with a few extra bells and whistles tossed in visually, though the real highlight of the show was when James Hetfield addressed the long-elusive idea of a new record from the band.

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Hetfield mentioned the band is hard at work on a new album and then added “It’s coming near the end.” He didn't want to get people's hopes up, saying the release is by no means imminent but they are nearing the end of recording.

At the very end of the gig, Lars Ulrich came up to the mic and said they would be seeing fans soon with a new record. How long is soon though?

We've already heard 15 seconds of the record, and while it sounds awesome, I really hope the next time we write about the band is when we get some more concrete information on this new album. We've been reporting on a new album since, at the very least, the second quarter of 2014, and there are only so many "Metallica is still working on it!" headlines I can cook up.

For now, we'll just keep playing a track we know will be on the new album, "Lords of Summer," over and over again.

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