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MAX CAVALERA To Guest On Upcoming MAN MUST DIE Record

Posted by on August 21, 2013 at 10:39 am

Remember this photo of Max Cavalera doing vocals for a then-unnamed project that was to be revealed later on? Well, it's later on and we have an answer… and it's Man Must Die.

Damn dude, Max Cavalera on some new Man Must Die? That's going to be one heavy-ass record. Here's what the band had to say in a Facebook post:

"We are delighted to announce that Max Cavalera is appearing on the new Man Must Die album, doing guest vocals on one of the songs. Super stoked doesn't even begin to explain it!! Here's the man himself putting his tracks down, bring it on !! \m/"

I'm not even sure what I was expecting when we put this photo up, but it wasn't something borderline grindy like Man Must Die. Not that I wasn't excited about their new record. Apparently the band are all done with vocals now, Cavalera included, and they're on to the mixing stage of things. The record will be released through Lifeforce Records and Grindscene Records in late October, though there is a post claiming the release date has been pushed back which I do not have access to. So maybe later than October, but definitely soon.

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