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Matt Pike Reveals HIGH ON FIRE's New Album Is Called Electric Messiah

Posted by on July 18, 2018 at 10:04 am

Photo by Jimmy Hubbard.

High On Fire's Matt Pike recently spoke about the band's coming album and revealed it would be out this September. Now he talks a lot more about it in an interview with DC Heavy Metal and reveals the title to be Electric Messiah. Pike says the album is "the best album we've ever done, by far" and that "it's fucking badass." So all those things are good, right?

Pike says the album is 10 or 11 tracks and has some really spacey lyrical themes, as usual.

"I think there's 10 tracks, 11 tracks. It depends, 'cause there's a bunch of songs… Like, I wrote a Sumerian Anunnaki rock opera that actually is two songs, but they're separate tracks. And then there's a lot of 'slash' songs. There's a lot of songs that… you know [how certain bands] will have, like, one song but it makes, like, three songs, if you really think about it? It's kind of a bunch of shit like that, because we've had this constant stream of riffs and we put it together."

"I like, when I do High On Fire records, to have a lot of interludes and weird shit going on, so you never lose focus, but it's constantly changing. It's a lot like… [2007's] Death Is This Communion is like that; there's tracks that don't have names, but they're there. It's just one stream of High On Fire consciousness, and it's fucking good; that's all. I'm really stoked on that record."

Electric Messiah has not yet been officially announced, but considering September is rapidly approaching, I'd imagine that'll be happening alongside some new music soon.

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