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INSOMNIUM Announces New Album For October And New Lineup

Posted by on July 17, 2019 at 12:06 pm

Insomnium will release their new album Heart Like A Grave on October 4. The band says the new album is "inspired by some of the bleakest and saddest songs, poems and tales," which is a pretty bold statement coming from a band who already wallows pretty heavily in the murk of misery. They add Heart Like A Grave is 10 songs and over one hour.

”The concept of the album is to delve deep into the heart of the Finnish melancholy. We’ve been inspired by some of the bleakest and saddest songs, poems and tales that truly capture the essence of northern gloom. Land where the frost ravages the harvest and creeps inside the souls, summer ends before it even starts, wife leaves, little brother dies in snow on a Christmas morning, and the golden days of youth are forever gone. So there are echoes of Harmaja, Rautavaara, Vainio, Peltoniemen Hintriikka and of course our own petty, miserable lives.”

Insomnium has also announced new guitarist Jani Liimatainen, who plays live with Omnium Gatherum is a former member of Sonata Arctica. Liimatainen joins as rhythm guitarist, and apparently as a partial live replacement for founding guitarist and vocalist Ville Friman.

”In 2018 it became apparent that Ville could not combine the heavy touring anymore with his another career as a lecturer in York university. Hence, we decided that a third guitarist was needed to get the machinery running properly. We did not have to look far, since Jani Liimatainen had already been a live guitarist on several tours. And since this dude is amazing musician, vocalist, songwriter and all-round nice guy the decision was really a no-brainer. Now we are stronger than ever!”

Expect new music soon.

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