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Posted by on July 26, 2019 at 9:13 am

his week's new heavy metal releases include an 81-year-old vocalist, forest music, live recordings of a legend, and more!

To the metals…

Children of the Sun – Flowers

Genre: Stoner/hard rock
Origin: Arvika, Sweden
Label: The Sign

I'll start this week with some hippie psychedelic stuff. This collective has a 70's proto-metal vibe that they coupled with some modern indie aesthetics and some blues. I guess that would make it more of a thruple then. Anyway, the choir-esque vocals over riffs on this really sell it for me.

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Lacrimas Profundere – Bleeding The Stars

Genre: Gothic metal
Origin: Waging am See, Germant
Label: Oblivion

Now on their dozenth album, Lacrimas Profundere are remaining one of the better moody metal bands out there. Fans of the early days will have to continue to miss the more death metal side of the band. However fans of Paradise Lost, Tiamat, and that whole scene will have something to enjoy this week on Bleeding The Stars.

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Nastie Band – Nastie Band

Genre: Metal/experimental
Origin: New York, New York
Label: Sleeping Giant Glossolalia

Nastie Band are a wild ride. They're a band lead by artist Frank Haines that also features, among other folks, Roddy Bottum of Faith No More and 81-year-old vocalist Chris Kachulis. The sound could be considered sludge, but it's more just dark, it's weird, and it's noisy.

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Soundgarden – Live From The Artists Den

Genre: Grunge
Origin: Seattle, Washington
Label: UMe

There is a lot of live Soundgarden on this. It features twenty-nine tracks spanning the band's entire career recorded at the Wiltern in Los Angeles in 2013. It seems like we're going to have to wait to hear the last studio recordings of Chris Cornell, but in the meantime this feature the first live recordings of a bunch of songs from what could be their last album. Not as cool as new material, but pretty cool still.

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Thy Art Is Murder – Human Target

Genre: Deathcore
Origin: Sydney, Australia
Label: Nuclear Blast

This is some heavy shit. Their album cover is pretty apt for what you're getting into aurally. These Australian lads set out to crush you, and I must say I feel at least a little more squished than I was before by this one.

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Wormwood – Nattarvet

Genre: Melodic black metal
Origin: Stockholm, Sweden
Label: Black Lodge Records

The song below begins with bird noises. I like that. Especially because it places the listener in a forest for this album to unfold in. Black metal has a thing for forests, and this is a perfect grim forest album.

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Also dropping today…

All Out War – Crawl Among The Filth (Unbeaten Records) – Crosover
As I May – My Own Creations (Rockshots) – Hard rock/metalcore
Black Passage – The Veil (self-released) – Death metal/deathcore
Bloodred Hourglass – Godsend (Out Of Line Music) – Melodic death metal/thrash
Botis – Grand Abominations (Self-Released) – Black metal/mathcore
Cable – Take the Stairs to Hell (Translation Loss) –  Sludge/Hardcore
Cherubs – Immaculada High (Relapse) – Noise rock
Death Before Dishonor – Unfinished Business (Bridge Nine) – Hardcore
Hatriot – From Days Unto Darkness (Massacre) – Thrash
Illyrian – The Entity, Unknown (Self-Released) – Thrash/death metal
Lordi – Recordead Live: Sextourcism In Z7 CD/DVD (AFM) – Hard rock with monsters
Oh Hiroshima – Oscillation (Napalm) – Post-rock
Possessor – Gravelands (APF Records) – Sludge/stoner
Sanction – Broken In Refraction (Pure Noise Records) – Metal/hardcore
Serpents Athirst/Genocide Shrines/Trepanation/Heresiarch – Scorn Coalescence (Cyclopean Eye Productions) – Black/death metal
Throes – In The Hands Of An Angry God (Holy Roar) – Sludge
Til All Is One – Vindicta (Self-Release) – Alt metal
Vesication – Total Fecall (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions) – Brutal death metal/grindcore
VHS – We're Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions) – Grindcore/death metal
Wolves At The Gate – Eclipse (Solid State Records) – Post-hardcore
Zed – Volume (Ripple) – Sludge

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