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Weekly Injection

THE WEEKLY INJECTION: New Releases From RUSSIAN CIRCLES, VOLBEAT, and More Out Today - 8/2

Posted by on August 2, 2019 at 9:36 am

This week's new heavy metal releases include not judging a 69 by its 69-ness, lots of rad instrumentals, unnecessary (and frankly stupid) speculation, and more!

To the metals…

Bad Omens – Finding God Before God Finds Me

Genre: Metalcore
Origin: Richmond, Virginia
Label: Sumerian Records

Good golly, this is catchy. Fans of melodic synth-infused metalcore should be all over this. "Real" metal fans, keep scrolling. I haven't been this impressed with a voice in this scene since Jonny Craig (ex-Dance Gavin Dance/ex-Emarosa).

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Carnifex – World War X

Genre: Deathcore
Origin: San Diego, California
Label: Nuclear Blast

Is this World War X because there's an X in Carnifex? I've done no research, but I know a few things. There have only been two world wars (so far?), so they're off by eight there. Then this is their seventh album, so they'd be off by three. If it's not the coolness of an X, then I can't put my finger on what these guys are up to. Sure this has heavy as balls riffs that fans are going to love, but that X… Could I Google this? Maybe. Will I? Nah. Speculating while being pummeled by the album is more fun.

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John 5 and The Creatures – Invasion

Genre: Shred
Origin: Los Angeles, California
Label: 60 Cycle Hum

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The insanely talented guitarist you may know best from his work with Rob Zombie has released (on Wednesday, but whatever) an incredibly diverse collection of songs that take on bluegrass, industrial, heavy metal, and more all with so much shredding. John 5 and The Creatures have been plopping singles throughout the year and they've all come down to this. So you're getting "I Am john 5," "Zoinks," "Crank it – Living With Ghosts," and so much more here.

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Russian Circles – Blood Year

Genre: Instrumental post-metal
Origin: Chicago, Illinois
Label: Sargent House

Russian Circles are the masters of entrancing instrumental metal. The band still dabbles in the math rock-ish side of their sound here, but this might be the heaviest and most sludge album from the band. Heads will bang and wave upon wave of riffs will wash over you.

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SiXforNinE – Parallel Universe

Genre: Progressive/alternative metal
Origin: Athens, Greece
Label: Eclipse Records

This is some heady shit. With a name that effectively has 69 in it, I expected something more juvenile. I was very, very wrong. This one is for fans of A Perfect Circle, Katatonia, Destrage, Living Colour, CKY, Alice In Chains, and Porcupine Tree. Yes. All of those. This album is full of unexpected twists and turns. It wound up being my favorite release of the week.

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Skillet – Victorious

Genre: Rock
Origin: Memphis, Tennessee
Label: Atlantic

This is perhaps the least "metal" thing I'm featuring this week, and that's fine. People love Skillet and have for a long time. Christian rock/metal has a weird air around it, but the band has paid their dues. Anyway this is all the big anthem hard rock stuff you'd want as a fan. Chad has a full review here.

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Volbeat – Rewind, Replay, Rebound

Genre: Hard rock/groove metal
Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark
Label: Republic

Let's end this week with some good ol' rockin, shall we? These guys really know how to blend Clutch-esque bluesy rock with mid-era Megadeth grooves. It's hard to be mad at. I am however a little surprised that the title doesn't have slashes instead of commas. That's very much their move.

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Also dropping today…

Atomic Kavemen – Everyone Loves A Dead Man (Self-released) – Hard rock
By The Spirits – Visions (Eisenwald) – Folk
Crooked Thieves – Adrenaline EP (Self-released) – Hard rock
Damn Your Eyes – Kill The Outside (Self-released) – Groove metal/thrash
The Drippers – Action Rock (The Sign Records) – Speed metal/hard rock
En Minor – En Minor (Housecore Records) – Phil Anselmo-core
Eradikator – Obscura (Divebomb Records) – Thrash
Finsterforst – Zerfall (Napalm) – Folk metal
Freedom of Fear – Nocturnal Gates (EVP Recordings) – Melodic death metal
Humanity's Last Breath – Abyssal (Unique Leader Records) – Technical death metal
Meatwound – Culero (Financial Ruin) – Sludge
Multicult – Simultaneity Now (Learning Curve Records) – Alternative
Mylingar – Döda Själar (20 Buck Spin/Vigor Deconstruct) – Death metal/Doom
Narnia – From Darkness To Light (Sound Pollution) – Neoclassical/Power Metal
The New Roses – Nothing But Wild (Napalm) – Rock
Northlane – Alien (UNFD) – Metalcore
Northtale – Welcome To Paradise (Nuclear Blast) – Power metal
Osi and the Jupiter – Grå Hest (Eisenwald) – Neofolk
Outsider – When Loves Dies (Flatspot Records) – Hardcore
Riot V – Live In Japan DVD/CD (AFM) – Speed metal
Satan's Taint – Destruction Ritual (Megaforce) – Thrash
Saxon – The Eagle Has Landed 40 (Live) (Militia Guard/Silver Lining) – Heavy metal
Sons Of Famine – As Razors Gnaw Like Wolves (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions) – Blackened death metal
Total Hate – Throne Behind A Black Veil (Eisenwald) – Black metal

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