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Weekly Injection

THE WEEKLY INJECTION: New Releases From DEVIL YOU KNOW, GOOD TIGER and More Out Today - 11/6

Posted by on November 6, 2015 at 10:02 am

It's about that time of year when releases begin to slow. Quality is still up there, but quantity not so much. This edition includes supergroups, side-projects, and more! To the metals…

Devil You Know – They Bleed Red81V69n0WJoL._SL1500_

Genre: Metalcore
Origin: Los Angeles, California
Label: Nuclear Blast

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With this record, Devil You Know are proving they are more than a one-off supergroup. The ex-Divine Heresy, ex-All Shall Perish, ex-Killswitch Engage, and ex-Bleeding Through chaps are once again standing tall as their own band with this logical next step from the last album. The talents of Howard Jones and Francesco Artusato are once again utilized to their fullest potential. I'd argue heavier than the last record, if that sways all y'all at all.

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Extreme Noise Terror – Extreme Noise TerrorA1jj+Gg9qKL._SL1500_

Genre: Punk/Grindcore
Origin: Ipswich, England
Label: Willowtip

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According to this video accompany this blurb, this marks the return of some legends in their field. I'm not familiar with them (because I'm the worst), but this is some chaotic, lo-fi, grind madness. I mean, look at that album cover. You know exactly what you're in for there. Those that might complain the rest of this Weekly Injection is too melodic or whatever should look here.

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Good Tiger – A Head Full Of Moonlight1446649504_-1018871059

Genre: Progressive
Origin: International
Label: Independent

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Another collection of former members of bands you like. Part TesseracT, two parts Safety Fire, part Faceless, and part Architects. The result is unsurprisingly melodic, rhythmic, and proggy. A great next chapter for all of these guys. Certainly worth a listen if you dug Safety Fire.

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Haunted Shores – Viscera EPa1770430860_10

Genre: Instrumental progressive
Origin: Washington DC
Label: Independent

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First off, this technically dropped 11/3, but it's in the week so whatev's. Anyway Misha and Mark from Periphery have been poking with this project for a bit now, but I feel like they really nailed it here. Surprisingly blackened, yet still clearly from the Periphery minds. I dig it a lot. Just downloaded my copy from Bandcamp actually. Look at this nerd paying for music.

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Mammoth Storm – Fornjot81+m8f+yXRL._SL1500_

Genre: Stoner/Doom
Origin: Säffle, Sweden
Label: Napalm

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First off, this band is fucking called Mammoth Storm. if that doesn't already entice you, I don't know what your problem is. Second, this band sounds like a heavy, lurching creature crushing the landscape. This is massive, glorious, fuzzy, doom. I feel like this is the perfect fall record.

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Mestis – Polysemy 91FwcR9jkXL._SL1425_

Genre: Instrumental progressive
Origin: Los Angeles, California
Label: Sumerian

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Everyone knows Tosin from Animals as Leaders, but is co-pilot in that band Javier Reyes is just as much of a guitar god. Not that you'd really need it, but here's further proof. Here, he's at the forefront getting a little jazzy while staying prog and djenty. Also very good. Like I said in this thing's preamble, this is a great week for offshoot projects.

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Also dropping today…

Abysmal Grief – Strange Rites Of Evil (Terror From Hell) – Doom
Aftermath – Eyes Of Tomorrow (Shadow Kingdom)- Tech thrash
Bauda – Sporelights (Temple of Tortuous) – Post metal
Black Grail – Misticismo Regrisivo (Tyrannus) – Black metal
Bodyfarm – Battle Breed (Cyclone Empire) – Death metal
Chastain – We Bleed Metal (Leviathan) – Power metal
Cross Vault – The All Consuming (Northern Silence) – Doom
Dark Moor – Project X (Scarlet) – Power metal
Desecresy – Stoic Death (Xtreem) – Death metal
Eldritch – Underlying Issues (Scarlet) – Progressive power metal
Enemo J – Miley Virus (Digital Media) – Metalcore
Eye Of Nix – Moros (Belief Mower) – Blackened sludge
The Fifth Alliance – Dead Poems (Consouling Sounds) – Sludge
Flayed – Monster Man (Klonosphere) – Death metal
Floral – The Second Floral EP (Esque) – Pretty rad math rock
Go Deep – Influence (6131) – Deepcore
Gold – No Image (Profound Lore) – "Death rock"
Hautajaisyö – Hautajaisyö (Inverse) – Death metal
Helmsplitter / The Communion – Great Violence and Hidden Depths Split (HPGD) – Thrash/death metal
Horn – Feldpost (Invictus) – Black metal
Mad Architect – Hang High (Wunderwurld) – Power metal
Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall – Kingdom Of Rock (Frontiers) – Heavy metal
Novelists – Souvenir (Metalville) – Metalcore/djent
O.S.I.R.I.S.- The Conquest Of Planet Death: Vol 2 (Tyrannus) – Black metal
Pathologic Noise – Gore Aberration (Greyhaze) – Brutal death metal
Police State – Mind Collapse (Grimoire) – Grindcore
Queen Elephantine – Omen (Atypeek) – Avant-garde Psychedelic
Reverence – Gods Of War (Razar Ice) – Power metal
Ritchie Blackmore – The Ritchie Blackmore Story DVD (Eagle Rock) – Documentary
Tusen Ar Under Jord – Sorgsendömet Fobos (Pale Moon) – Symphonic
Vanden Plas – Chronicles Of The Immortals: Netherworld II (Frontiers) – Progressive
Vastum – Hole Below (20 Buck Spin) – Death Metal
Vatican – Drowning The Apathy Inside (Blasphemour) – Metalcore

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