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Weekly Injection

THE WEEKLY INJECTION: New Releases From ASH BORER, WORM OUROBOROS and More Out Today - 12/2

Posted by on December 2, 2016 at 10:49 am

Welcome to the slow season! This week still includes some good stuff full of atmosphere, doom, weirdness, and more! To the metals…

Ash Borer – The Irrepassable Gate 61wuhrcvubl

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Origin: Arcata, California
Label: Profound Lore

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"Atmospheric black metal" is one of those sub genres where a band really needs to hone in on something special to stand out. Ash Borer does just that. Between unique ambient sections, nods to OG black metal, and more I can't seem to put into words, this band nails this.

Sample here.


Crystal Lake – True North 511z90eyysl-_ss500

Genre: Metalcore
Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Label: Artery

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On the surface, yeah these guys are a modern metalcore band. A bulk of this album is in the realm of Parkway Drive and the likes. While skimming this record a bit further, I was able to find some blasting, some djent, and some melodic death metal. So if you want metalcore with more to offer than most bands doing it, give this record a spin.

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Hollow Earth – Dead Planet a1mbhj0fgml-_sl1500_

Genre: Metalcore/sludge
Origin: Detroit, Michigan
Label: Good Fight

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Yup, this band is metalcore + sludge. I can't say I'd ever seek that out upon reading it as a genre. It works pretty well though. Dead Planet certainly has more of a sludge lean, but there are more melodic almost As I Lay Dying-esque moments.

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Syk – I-Optikon 91hqgtavltl-_sl1500_

Genre: Extreme Metal
Origin: Italy
Label: Housecore

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There is A LOT going on with this band. They're got groove metal riffs, soaring female vocals that are delivered in an atmospheric punk sort of way, more crazy genre dabbling. Not at all what I'd expect from Phil Anselmo's label.


Trivum – Ember To Inferno (Ab Initio Deluxe Edition)71yaec1msgl-_sl1500_

Genre: Metalcore/thrash
Origin: Orlando, Florida
Label: Cooking Vinyl

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I don't usually bother with re-releases, but A) it's a slow week and B) there is some interesting shit on this release. I can't believe it's already been as long as it has for this record. Matt and the gang were kids on this record and they sound like it. Especially on the bonus demos. Worth a listen for fans, or even for non-fans that are curious about the earliest days of a band.

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Worm Ouroboros – What Graceless Dawn a3274254912_10

Genre: Progressive doom
Origin: San Francisco/Oakland, California
Label: Profound Lore

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This is soaring doom that enjoys letting riffs breathe. Start to finish lurching, beautiful, and intense music. Fans of True Widow, SubRosa, and Chelsea Wolfe need to get on this.

Sample here


Also dropping today…

Dario Mollo’s Crossbones – Rock The Cradle (Frontiers) – Heavy metal
Enuff Z’nuff – Clowns Lounge (Frontiers) – Rock
Eternal Idol – Unrevealed Secret (Frontiers) – "Heavy modern class rock"
Feral – From The Mortuary EP (Cyclone Empire) – Death metal
Hevidence – Nobody’s Fault (Frontiers) – Heavy metal
Krullur – …Failure To Comply EP (HPGD) – Thrash/grindcore
Naberus – The Lost Reveries (Eclipse) – Groove metal
Night Ranger – 35 Years And A Night In Chicago DVD/CD (Frontiers) – Hard rock
Ranger – Speed & Violence (Spinefarm) – Speed metal
Revel In Flesh – Emissary Of All Plagues (Cyclone Empire) – Death metal

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