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FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY Is "Much Further Along Than Everybody Thinks" With A New Album

Posted by on April 26, 2019 at 11:54 am

Fit For An Autopsy has released a new record every other year since 2011. If you're even semi-competent at math, then you've figured out the group is pretty likely to drop a new one in 2019. According to Fit For An Autopsy guitarist Patrick Sheridan in an interview with WMSC-90.3, the band is "much further along than everybody thinks" with a new record.

“Let’s just say [we’re[ probably a lot further along with everything than everyone expects. I won’t say anything else except for the fact we are much further along than everybody thinks we are. We have a way of doing things and our way works really well for us. I’m not going to give out any teasers, but I can tell you that we are ready to go.”

Sheridan adds Fit For An Autopsy has a headlining tour planned for this fall, at which point he's pretty sure "there will be some hint of new music floating around." Considering Fit For An Autopsy's guitarist Will Putney is a producer, mixer, engineer and owner of Graphic Nature Audio, it might be safe to assume that's where the new record was tracked.

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