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DIMMU BORGIR Finally Begins Work On A New Record

Five years later… still, I think we've suffered through way worse waits.

Five years later... still, I think we've suffered through way worse waits.

Last year, it was reported that Dimmu Borgir was essentially going to take its sweet ass time making a new record so it would be something the whole group was happy with. Whether that was a statement that was genuine in concern regarding a new record or Dimmu Borgir very silently admitting that 2010's Abrahadabra was kind of a turd disc is completely unclear, but whatever. The bottom line is that we reported that last June and finally, according to the Facebook page of keyboardist and vocalist Shagrath, we're getting a new record!

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Here's hoping the new stuff is coming sooner rather than later, though I personally would rather the group not rush it, because if we get Abrahadabra II: This Time There Are No Good Songs, I might be a little pissed.

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