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Posted by on January 11, 2020 at 10:59 am

You might remember Blood Moon as the project featuring all of Converge, vocalist and guitarist Stephen Brodsky (Cave In, Mutoid Man), vocalist and guitarist Chelsea Wolfe, guitarist Ben Chisholm (Chelsea Wolfe). Blood Moon was a one-off collaboration that performed at Roadburn 2016, doing reimagined deep cuts of Converge's material and their entire Jane Doe album.

Brodsky tells that Lead Singer Syndrome podcast that Blood Moon is getting back together this year for a record of original songs.

“Next year, Converge actually is gonna be doing some stuff with ‘Blood Moon‘—which is really exciting, because ‘Blood Moon‘ is this project that they did a few years ago where they went out and toured with some additional members; myself, Cheslea Wolfe and Ben [Chisholm] from Chelsea‘s band.

And we went out and did all the sort of bastard child songs, like all the deep cuts from Converge records that sound like studio experiments or stuff that they weren’t able to pull off live because they wanted more members onstage to really do the songs justice.

And that experiment went really well and the idea was like ‘well, hey why don’t we write some stuff for this lineup and put out a record?’ So three years later we’re actually getting together and doing it. So that’s supposed to come together next year. That’s pretty exciting to me.

I can tell ya, we’ve already done some writing for it and the material we’ve come up for it is really, really cool. Definitely a next step for Converge and I’m really psyched to be a part of it.”

Maybe this is what Converge was hinting at when they said new music would be coming in 2020? It's also worth pointing out that this will be Brodsky's "reunion" with Converge, as he was their bassist between 1997 and 1998. Check out the full podcast here.

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