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CLUTCH's Weathermaker Vault Series Will Feature Re-Recordings Of Their Old Songs

Posted by on June 17, 2019 at 4:22 pm

Clutch recently announced they'd be releasing a series of singles over the course of the summer under the umbrella title Weathermaker Vault Series. The band kicked things off with a cover of Cactus' version of "Evil", which itself is a cover of a Willie Dixon song.

In an interview with Mike James Rock Show, guitarist Tim Sult reveals Weathermaker Vault Series will also feature Clutch covering their own material. He doesn't reveal what songs they revised, or if they even revised them at all, so we're definitely in for some surprises!

"We decided to do something we've never done before, and that was go in the studio and record several cover songs. And we actually re-recorded a couple of our old songs as well. I think we're gonna release all those songs eventually. 'Evil' was the first one of those, and that is a cover — it's a cover of a cover, basically. It's an old blues song that was done by a '70s band called Cactus, which features Carmine Appice on drums, the brother of Vinny Appice. And, yeah, I think we have plans to maybe even do a couple of more cover songs and re-record a couple of old Clutch songs that we were never fully happy with, and just see how that goes."

Check out "Evil" below if you haven't, and catch Clutch on tour with Killswitch Engage this summer.

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