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Celebrate Halloween with 31 New BUCKETHEAD Albums!

You excited for Halloween? Buckethead sure is!

Virtuoso guitarist and dancing machine Buckethead has always been a prolific artist with a diverse catalog ranging from Guns n Roses to Colonel Claypool’s Bucket of Bernie Brains (one of the manyPrimus offshoots) to projects with funk legend Bootsie Collins. In recent years, he has gone almost entirely solo, and has been releasing albums at an inhuman pace. In 2014 alone he dropped sixty albums. Each record managed to all be different, yet true to his distinctive styles. One record could be straight ahead riff-centric rock, the next a dissonant mess of noise, the next haunting melodious acoustic music, and so on.

In 2015 his release rate increased even more already trumping last year’s total. Now Buckethead is dropping an album a day in the month of October leading up to Halloween under the _ Days ‘Til Halloween title.

Who does that!?!

The best part about this is that he does it all rather quietly through bandcamp so you can hear every note of this masked, guitar-swinging vigilante for free before you commit to buying all thirty-one albums.

The few I’ve heard are up to par with what I know and love from this guy, so I can’t complain about too much good stuff. As of this writing there are four more days, so I’ve got A LOT of catching up to do. Should be spooky and fun though.bucket

Keep an eye out for new releases throughout the rest of the month here, and you might as well do so for the rest of time since there seems to be no stopping this glorious madman.

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