Jonathan Davis Breaks Down Twice During KORN's First Performances Since His Wife's Death

Just a few weeks after his estranged wife, Deven Davis, died of a suspected overdose at only 39 years old, Jonathan Davis returned to the stage to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Korn's breakthrough album Follow The Leader.

The overall tone of the events were celebratory but when the band was about to perform "4U" at The Masonic in San Francisco, Davis revealed to the fans that it was his wife's favorite track. Take a look:

The next night at the Hollywood Palladium, Davis could be seen giving guitarist James “Munky” Shaffer a long hug after closing their set with "My Gift To You."

Jonathan released a lengthy statement after his wife's death, confirming that Deven suffered from mental illness for many years, and “her addiction was a side effect.” Jonathan added that he “loved her with all my being.”

Robert Pasbani :