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#TBT: The Time Conan O'Brien Had The Slipnutz Open for SLIPKNOT

Posted by on April 11, 2019 at 10:33 am

Welcome to Throwback Thursday! This is the place where we get to indulge in nostalgia and wax poetic about excellent metal of years past. TBT number 66 pays homage to MORE COREY TAYLOR NEWS, everyone's favorite subject around here. Just kidding, you guys, we actually do post about other bands – lots of 'em! You should check it out! But bands as globally yuuuje as Slipknot, with their rabid fan-base and ultra-iconic stage presence, are the perfect fodder for news – and for parody. Just check out this sock puppet version of the Slipknot song "Wait and Bleed" re-imagined as "Wait in Bleach":

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Props to these guys for not only being hilarious and producing a well-made video, but also for (surprisingly) slaying the growls. Also, the puppets are just so gosh darn cute.

Here's another track highlighting the popular bemasked musicians' intensity with "Give Thanks or Die", a Thanksgiving themed parody song by Psychostick:

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And, of course, there's this very strange banjo-laden farm-flavored cover of "Psychosocial":

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But the act topping the list of Slipknot-related parodies comes from this recently re-released footage from the 1995 performance of "The Slipnutz" performing at the Continental Arena opening for (you guessed it) Slipknot:

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Slipnut Andy, Slipnut Jon and Slipnut Brian don a Spinal Tap-like confidence to their wholesome comedy act. Reveling in the brilliance of their organically-grown comedy chemistry, Slipnut Andy recalls fondly, "I remember the first time I slipped on a nut…" The joke here, is that the joke really isn't that funny. However, to perform in front of a crowd of sweaty, black-clad 'Maggots' with the same not-so-funny-joke is actually genius. Frankly, if you've never slipped on a nut, I personally feel sorry for you.



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