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It's Just Business

Many facets of the live entertainment business have been affected by the coronavirus shut downs. With all touring halted for the next few months,...


Megadeth's Dave Mustaine, appearing with a fashionably metal face mask, and his daughter Electra have joined in the #MyMusicMoment hash tag to perform a...

Latest News

Korn guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer has a hot take about the current coronavirus pandemic. He thinks mother nature is getting payback! In a new...

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Music Videos

Trivium have released their second new single, the title track from their next album, What The Dead Men Say. The video was filmed in the...

Music Videos

Today, we get our first taste of what the next Trivium album will sound like. The band unveiled their new single, "Catastrophist." It is...

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Live Footage

Here's a great way to kill an hour, if you have the privilege of sitting under quarantine. Slipknot want to help, so they've released...

Live Footage

Danny Carey is really good at drums, in case you forgot.

Live Footage

It's a drum solo inspired by New York City.

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