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My dying Bride

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Weekly Injection

Plus releases from Dark Tranquillity, Fuck The Facts, Helvik, Jinjer, Liturgy, and Refused.

New Music

"'A Secret Kiss' is the final and lasting mark on the soul any human will feel when the lights have dulled."

Weekly Injection

This week's new heavy metal releases include side projects, gothic legends, and more! To the metals...

Latest My dying Bride Music Videos

Music Videos

My Dying Bride released their new album The Ghost of Orion on March 6 and you can watch their very somber new music video...

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From their beginnings pioneering death/doom (like fellow masters Paradise Lost) to their obsession with gloomy funeral doom, My Dying Bride evokes the air of...


I’m a devotee of My Dying Bride in principle, if not always in practice. The band have been indulging us in beautiful misery for...


"Evinta. A project almost 15 years in the making. An idea that has sat smoldering and never really had a reason to burn alive...

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