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Tour Dates

Happening at the very end of September and thru October.


Shout out to photographer Rae Chatten.


"Fall proves that Borknagar is a band that, even 12 albums in, can still deliver fresh material enrobed in their signature sound."

Latest borknagar Music Videos

Music Videos

Featuring a beautiful music video.

Music Videos

A pretty major departure for Borknagar.

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Latest borknagar Reviews


From start to finish, True North triumphs as a resonant and characteristic realization of how well folk, black, and progressive metal trademarks can unite...


I'm overall conflicted, and a little bored, by Winter Thrice. Yet, there is nothing I DISLIKE about the album. I just feel like each...


By Ben Apatoff When supposed black metal purists lament the commercialization of their beloved music, they could be talking about BORKNAGAR. Despite roots in...

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Latest borknagar Live Footage

Live Footage

Plus Baest, Hideous Divinity, Svart Crown, The Offering, Bonded, Deserted Fear, Angelus Apatrida, Omnium Gatherum, Lucifer, and Dead Lord.

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