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One Year Later, THREATIN Make Live Return with Bizarre Performance & 50 People Actually Showed Up This Time

That's about seven times as many people as last time.

Exactly a year ago, Jered Threatin became the subject of one of music’s most viral scandals. He faked an entire fanbase, fooled a series of European venues into letting him book a 10-date tour, and was globally humiliated when the internet uncovered the scam that resulted in Threatin playing to mostly empty rooms. Threatin had kept his band of session musicians in the dark about the whole thing, so they promptly quit and sued him, immediately bringing the tour to an end. You can catch up to the whole saga here.

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Just a few hours ago, Threatin returned to The Underworld in London for a special one-off show, attended by approximately 50 people (one tenth of the venue’s capacity, and about seven times as many people as last time). This legend even bought a Threatin t-shirt:

Before Threatin's set began, a giant curtain covered the stage. The mystery!

When the curtain finally fell, Threatin's latest stunt was revealed…

…to be a set of Kraftwerk-style mannequins. Meet Threatin's new fake band:

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But wait – there's more! After the robots were left to "mime" one of Threatin's songs for a while, Jered and his new human band took the stage. Unfortunately, technical difficulties meant that Threatin's microphone rarely worked, forcing him to hand vocal duties over to his mute robot compatriots. Maybe this was part of the plan?

If this isn't weird enough for you, it gets better. After a few songs, Threatin pulled out a blow-up doll wearing a "BBC NEWS" t-shirt, and used it to give himself a simulated blowjob:

Right at the end of the set, Jered and his band left the stage, leaving the robots to mime part of "Living Is Dying" before things really got out of hand.

After returning for his "encore", it wasn't long before Threatin turned on his fake band, physically attacking and destroying them while wrecking the rest of the stage in the process…

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The BBC blowjob doll got scalped along the way:

And it was all over.

Impressed? Depressed? Let us know in the comments, and check out Threatin's support bands: By Design, Tales of Autumn, and Evyltyde.

Here's footage of the entire concert.

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