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METALLICA's Kirk Hammett Reveals His Favorite Guitar Solo In His Career

Posted by on June 7, 2019 at 1:00 pm

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett has played quite a few solos in his career, but there's one that stands out to him above all.

According to Hammett in an interview with Kerrang!, his favorite guitar solo to play is "The Unforgiven" from the band's self-titled album. Hammett says he didn't play any of the stuff he planned to plan for the solo, mainly because producer Bob Rock really didn't like it.

“I was thinking about the solo in ‘The Unforgiven.’ I remember showing up to the studio that morning, thinking I was going to play all these certain licks and then Bob Rock’s going, ‘That’s fucking crap.’ Then it was one of the very first times when I said, ‘Just fucking hit the record button,’ and shit flowed out. I prefer to record my solos that way now because I like the spontaneity of it; that’s how that solo was pretty much created.”

Check out the solo below if you never heard it before. It starts at 3:20.

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