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Shocking Revelations

LIFE OF AGONY's Keith Caputo Identifies As Transgender

Posted by on July 14, 2011 at 5:32 pm

Talk about shocking! Keith Caputo, frontman of legendary Brooklyn metal act Life Of Agony is on his way to being a frontwoman! The band will be playing what looks to be their final shows this weekend. There are many hints to his transition on his Twitter page, with one tweet spelling it out for everybody saying "M2F transexuals like me are the women who give up male privilege for femininity! Threaten the patriarchy!" Also, Caputo's personal website uses the pronoun "her."

While I am shocked, I also have to applaud Caputo for her bravery, especially being the public figure that she is. Obviously, this isn't something she decided to do overnight and gave a lot of thought to. And while metalheads usually get stereotyped as immensely homophobic, there is a large sect that believes in the "do whatever makes you happy" motto of which Metal Injection fully subscribes to.


[via Metal Insider]

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