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Lev Weinstein of KRALLICE Has A Secret Side Job

Posted by on October 19, 2011 at 12:16 pm

Have you ever wondered what your favorite metal musicians do to sustain a living between tours and recordings? It may come as no surprise that many of them do session work for less than metal acts, and why not? Metal musicians are some of the most well trained, technically proficient players in the business. So jamming on a rock or indie tune is not only a breeze, but it pays the bills too.

Last night I was hanging out with my buds in Krallice when a conversation broke out concerning embarrassing session work. It came down to myself and Lev Weinststein (Krallice Drummer) trying to decide who has the more embarrassing past. Once we started breaking out the video proof and the laughing fits died down, it became clear who the winner was. Without further ado, I present Lev Weinstein of the seminal progressive black metal band known as Krallice in his most grim and necro stage show yet…

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