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IRON MAIDEN Billboard Deemed Too Offensive For German Neighborhood, Scaring Kindergarteners

Kids don't like Eddie.

Kids don't like Eddie.

Today is a landmark day in metal! It's the first time anyone has ever been offended by heavy metal imagery! Okay seriously, publisher Bazillion Points took to Instagram yesterday to post the below picture of an Iron Maiden billboard in Germany promoting the band's new album The Book Of Souls. The billboard has a sheet over it because Eddie is scary to the small children that go to kindergarten near the advertisement! The translation is in the caption by our friend Ian Christie of Bazillion Points publishing.

"This poster has no business here." Iron Maiden billboard in Berlin shut down with a bedsheet for scaring kids at local kindergartens and an elementary school. Haven't the children suffered enough?

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A photo posted by Bazillion Points (@bazillionpoints) on

Clearly this isn't Iron Maiden's fault and honestly, I think maybe the media campaign in charge of this could have possibly chosen a better location. Though I am curious to know how far away it is from the Kindergarten and what else is around that area as well. Maybe it's a pretty reasonable distance and this is just the work of someone being overly offended?

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