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Chris Fehn Tells SLIPKNOT Fan "Don't Hate" Tortilla Man

Posted by on October 9, 2019 at 11:41 am

Despite his problems with Slipknot, Chris Fehn does not think you should be mean to his replacement, affectionately dubbed Tortilla Man.

Fehn, of course, is currently embroiled in a legal battle, claiming the band was keeping money from him, setting up corporations that he was not aware of. Fehn had since been dismissed from the band, even though the statement has since been pulled from the band's website. Frontman Corey Taylor has publicly said he and his band are being wrongfully accused. Taylor and Slipknot management have asked for the case to be thrown out.

Fehn recently reappeared on social media sharing a photo of him and his son writing "Sorry for the delay in my posts. I think you can all understand. New life. Dad. Loving it!!!" Since then, he's been pretty active on his social media page and even interacting with fans.

One fan tried to throw Fehn's replacement under the bus, but Fehn was not hopping on the hate train, writing "Don't hate man."

Ultimately, he's right. Tortilla Man did nothing wrong, there is no need to resent him. As for who Tortilla Man actually is, Slipknot fans thought they were onto something when they theorized the identity of the new member might be Michael Pfaff, a musician that collaborated with Clown on his side project, Dirty Little Rabbits. There are a lot of coincidental clues that lead to Pfaff. But, the band is denying it.

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