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Bloodstock UK Festival Promoter "Steps Back" After Transphobic Comments Cause Backlash

Vicky Hungerford, who is one of the main people who book acts for UK's massive annual Bloodstock festival, has come under scrutiny in the last few days after posting a transphobic comment on her personal social media.

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Hungerford commented on the modern practice of a person putting preferred pronouns in their e-mail signature, first adopted by trans people to avoid any awkwardness and recently adopted by cis-gendered (non-trans) people as a show of solidarity. Hungerford commented "If you're going to start putting pronouns on your email so I can refer to you as he/him she or her I'm binning your emails"

The backlash began almost immediately, especially in the U.K. metal scene, calling out the hypocrisy of the festival to employ a person with such views when one of the stages is named after the Sophie Lancaster Foundation which aims to “stamp out prejudice, hatred and intolerance everywhere.”

Hungerford was quick to post an apology to "those she offended" but it seemed too little too late.

At this point, old posts surfaced displaying further transphobia:

At this point, the online team behind the Bloodstock UK Twitch streaming channel announced they wouldn't be streaming because  “we, as a team, have decided that it would be inappropriate to stream tonight — or for the foreseeable future — as if nothing had happened,” adding, “We hope that lessons can be learned and awareness gained from this situation and that those involved can move forwards, educated and ready to be better.”

Another employee of Bloodstock, entertainment manager Paul Watling, announced he was leaving the company in light of these developments.

At this point, Hungerford offered a second, more thorough apology declaring she “fully support[s] everyone in the LGBTQI+ community and am always happy to learn more about how to be a better ally.”

At this point though, the damage had been done. Dr. Sylvia Lancaster, CEO of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation rightfully condemened Hungerford's statements and noted she would be meeting with Bloodstock organizers "to talk about our future relationship.”

Shortly after, the festival announced that Vicky would be taking a step back from the organization.  “For now, Vicky has taken a step back from Bloodstock Festival effective immediately, and will be taking the time to properly educate herself for a better understanding.”

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