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New Music

The new version of Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia is out today.

Latest News

The Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia remix is coming.

Upcoming Releases

"But I feel like we're looking at maybe toning it down a little bit, especially on the orchestral side."

Upcoming Releases

"I think the feeling within the band now is that we want to take a more aggressive turn."

Celebrity Metalheads

The man's metal journey has been great to watch.


Dimmu Borgir made a rare live appearance in New York City and Metal Injection photographer Rodrigo Fredes was there and snapped some awesome photos....

Breakups & Shakeups

Their first new bassist since 2010.


Never has a form of music united (and divided) people such as black metal. Never has a form of music tapped into the deepest,...

Weekly Injection

This edition includes Star Wars metal, and some other shit you'll probably rather I focus on, but why? To the metals...

Tour Dates

Dimmu Borgir is only playing major cities.

Music Videos

If you were disappointed by the first track, the band's second single, “Council of Wolves and Snakes,” seems like more of a return to...

Tour Dates

Plus High On Fire, The Hellacopters, Red Fang, CKY, Boris, Goblin, Mutoid Man, Dopethrone, and a TON more!