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Relapse Records Podcast

RELAPSE RECORDS Podcast #19 – Christian Mistress Interview & More

This month on the Relapse Records Podcast, we premiere an exclusive track from Cripple Bastards in addition to new music from 16, Inverloch, Horseback and more! As always, we have the latest updates, tour info, and Relapse artist news. This month's interview is with Christian Mistress Drummer, Reuben Storey! DOWNLOAD, PLUG IN AND TURN IT UP! Here is this month's playlist:

Cripple Bastards – "Agony of a Reformed Band"
Hail!Hornet– “Unholy Foe”
Inverloch – “The Menin Road”
Spawn of Possession – “Servants of Solitude” from ‘Incurso’
16 – “Her Little Accident”
Horseback – "Ahriman"
Disembowelment – Your Prophetic Throne of Ivory
Deceased – Robotic Village (13 Frightened Souls)
Exit 13 – Facilitate the Emancipation of Your Mummified Mentality (Ethos Musick)
Christian Mistress – The Edge of Time (bonus track) + Over & Over
High on Fire – “Turk”
Nasum – “Corrosion”

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