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Best of 2017

Look, 2017 sucked bad. If you go back to my Metal Injection Best of lists for 2015 and 2016 you'll see I expressed similar...

Metal Merch

Killer gift ideas from Metallica, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Amon Amarth and more.

Injection Reflection

June is here and so is the weekend. If you missed the busy week, here are a few stories that might be of interest.

Best of 2016

The tunes that keep the kitchen of Taste of Metal going

Metal Merch

Our suggestions for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza and all holiday heavy metal gifts

The Obituarist

Hey there freaks and geeks, Trevor Strnad AKA The Obituarist reporting live from the road on the current TBDM summer tour with some sick...


Metal festivals have been increasing in frequency and popularity in recent years, with massive ones taking place in every developed country in the world....


Summer 2015 is in full effect! For you youngins that means late night adventures and no school. For you respectable adults who spend most...


A few months ago Metal Injection posted the trailer for an upcoming horror movie called Deathgasm. Deathgasm is the directorial debut from New Zealand filmmaker Jason...


A look back at an uprising that captured the spirit of the heavy metal community a decade ago.

Latest News

The ultimate buyer's guide for heavy metal fans shopping for Christmas or Hanukkah gifts for a loved one!


After hearing this riffs, they might just be!

Latest News

Drunk on metal! Classy drunk.

At The Movies

The key value in this book is not so much in the research as the actual, lived-in expertise and insight that McPadden brings to...

Bands and Booze

It tastes like disappointment.

Best of 2013

My Top 5 List of Things You Should Take Away From My Top 20 List 5. I still believe numerical album lists are silly,...

Metal Merch

Fleshgod Apastalypse Apocalypse announced they'd be releasing two separate bottles of wine mid-October, so the next logical step in both celebrating their Italian heritage...

Metal Merch

[tps_header]Christmas and Hannukah shopping for metalheads may not be easy, so we here at Metal Injection thought we'd throw in our two cents on...

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