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Tour Dates

I know when we usually write stories about bands announcing North American tour dates, it usually means mostly US with a pop in to...

Live Footage

Thou, the band that won't stop releasing stuff.

Music Videos

It's a continuation of "The One You Know."


He buys some ZZ Top, Elton John, Black Sabbath and more.

Latest News

He gave his metaphorical thumbs up to the band saying he's done a "terrific job."

Weekly Injection

This edition features review haikus for reasons I can't remember. To the metals...

Live Footage

Earlier this week, Alice In Chains were the first artists to perform at "The Loupe," a brand new revolving glass floor instillation in the...


Yesterday (Monday, Aug. 20th), hometown heroes Alice In Chains threw out the first pitch at a Seattle Mariners game against World Series champions, the...

Latest News

They will be playing on the glass floor, 500 feet in the air.

Live Footage

A beautiful rendition of one of Alice In Chains' staples in tribute to Vinnie.