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Tour Dates

Sissy Spacek, Withered, and Jarhead Fertilizer will be there too.

Upcoming Releases

Evanescence, Motörhead, Crobot, Alice Cooper, and more!

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The lords of the riff are back.

Record Sales

August wasn't the worst month ever, and was certainly better than July. This list, which continues to grow each month, saw an average increase...

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With Enterprise Earth, Ingested, Signs Of The Swarm, and Great American Ghost.

It's Just Business

July was a rough month for hard rock and heavy metal on Spotify, with roughly 65% of this list seeing a drop in listeners...

Metal Injection Exclusives

Ryan Postlethwait of Byzantine brings us inside his home for a look at his retro game and film collection that are part of his...

Tour Dates

One of the most unique acts to come out of the metal scene in a long time, the avant-garde act Imperial Triumphant have announced...

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Featuring Pupil Slicer, Wristmeetrazor, Horndal, Kataan, and more!


As United States citizens continue to get vaccinated, and various cities open up, it seems like almost in an instant, a ton of tours...

Tour Dates

Harm's Way, Kublai Khan, Orthodox, and Dying Wish will be there too.

Record Sales

May was not the best month for rock and metal, but it wasn't the worst. Overall, listenership only grew by 0.58% vs. 5.25% the...

Upcoming Releases

"Yes. Yes. This one is a cobra in a basket."