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Best of 2018

I started this in 2016 in an effort to effectively calculate what we, the Metal Injection writers, were collectively fans of. For 2018, I...

Song Premiere

Tech death metal seems to take many forms, just ask Austin Weber, our tech death expert. Bands can take many avenues within the genre's...

Best of 2017

We've pooled our collective thoughts and lists to determine what was truly Metal Injection's album of 2017.

Weekly Injection

This edition features some dudes with bags on their heads, prog with horns, aliens, and more! To the metals…


After finding success in groups such as Animosity, Son Of Aurelius, Decrepit Birth, And Continuum, guitarist/composer Chase Frasier united a god-tier cast of today's...


What a great day for free metal music on the web. There is a ton of different shit to moisten those ear-vaginas and get...