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Social media has long been derided as the home of ridiculous cat pictures, videos and memes. This is true. Black metal is held dear...


Albums from Rage Against the Machine, Sepultura, Korn, Marilyn Manson and more.


If you’ve had issue with Abigail Williams in the past, don’t let that stop you from listening to what is actually a fantastically composed...

Weekly Injection

Hey hey nerds! This week includes some prog pop mainstays, death metal goodness, beautiful black metal, ugly shit, and more! To the metals…


It's Dave Lombardo! Okay... it isn't Dave Lombardo.


After ten years, one of progressive metal's weirder bands has returned and is just as weird, if not more.


Metal Injection previously highlighted 10 Great Metal Collaborations That Worked aka: cool ass supergroups/side projects that got metal fans excited. Fantomas, Bloodbath, Palms, Blotted...


With WrestleMania play button 31 right around the corner, this Sunday, I thought it would be a perfect time to mesh my two loves –...


A look back at an uprising that captured the spirit of the heavy metal community a decade ago.


Enslaved were one of the earlier Scandinavian bands to begin rigorously unraveling the increasingly staid black metal template. Though they've been at this "controlled...

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This edition features Thunder Pop going heavy on the thunder, a band recapturing the magic with a new singer, that one band people don't...

Black Metal History

It's easy to see why Immortal were one of the first black metal bands to achieve tangible mainstream success. They didn't really sing about...

Black Metal History

It’s safe to say that most citizens of the metal realm show love for Black Metal drummers. Let’s face it, these guys do some...

Black Metal History

ach person has his or her own way of delving into an art form. For me, books and documentaries have a colorizing effect on...

Black Metal History

Happy February, or as we've christened it for the last few years… Happy Black Metal History Month. All month, we will celebrate metal's most...

Latest News

Gettin' locked up with some new Lock Up isn't so bad.

Best of 2014

After pouring over piles of releases and looking back on some of the brilliant music that emerged this year, it became apparent that this...

RIP a Livecast

We kick off this week's episode briefly discussing Darren's wedding party. Then we acknowledge the biggest controversy of the weekend. In hour two, we...


Ne Obliviscaris are a rising force in the progressive music scene.