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Upcoming Releases

by: Shannon Joy Pantera/Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul announced at the Revolver Golden Gods nominations that he will be releasing a cookbook entitled Drumming Up...

Upcoming Releases

When we interviewed Tom Araya at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards, he said the band was writing and recording the CD but they were...

Latest News

SUICIDE SILENCE are not shy about the fact that they enjoy the ganj, (as we've covered before). To celebrate the unofficial marijuana day of...


We have another extremely intimate edition of the RIP a Livecast. We start the show talking about why Sid was standing the whole show....

Live Footage

They played most of Sunrise On Slaughter Beach.

Weekly Injection

Plus releases from Corey Taylor, Scorpions, Guns N Roses, Fall of Stasis, Eight Bells, Blood Incantation, Abraham, and D'Virgilio, Morse & Jennings.


Unless you're into it.

Black Metal Chronicles

Today, we celebrate Mayhem’s Per Yngve “Pelle” Ohlin, or “Dead,” on what would have been his 53rd birthday. Pelle was only 22 when he...

Weekly Injection

Plus releases from Dessiderium, Malignant Altar, Pyrexia, Reveal, There's A Light, and We Are The Catalyst.

Scene Report

Talking about Gorevent, Butcher ABC, Gotsu Totsu Kotsu, Anatomia, and more.

Weekly Injection

Plus releases from Alexis Marshall from Daughters, Mama Doom, Epoch of Chirality, and Erdve.

Weekly Injection

Plus releases from Thy Catafalque, Stöner, Scale The Summit, Pestilence, Light The Torch, Lacuna Coil, Fractal Universe, and Dream Theater.


They are the torch bearers, the pioneers, the mother fucking gods of death metal. Possessed are the band that started it all, that kicked...


We visit a tale of revenge told with complex characterization and harrowing imagery the likes of which H. R. Geiger and M. C. Escher would...

The Obituarist

Howdy nerds, The Black Dahlia Murder’s Trevor Strnad as The Obituarist here.  Your favorite hunter of all things underground, hellbent on bringing you some skull cracking...