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Frontman Nikan Khosravi details how he got arrested and what the future is for the band.

New Music

Seems like Septicflesh has gotten a touch heavier.

The Obituarist

Really excited about the line up here, an eclectic mix from all walks of the extreme for your neighbors second-hand listening displeasure!

Weekly Injection

This edition features a lot of live releases, some long-awaited returns, lots of shit that will make whiny "you guys don't talk about real...

Around the Interwebs

It's 4/20, and I may have taken a few bong rips in celebration of the national holiday. I was reminded of this tweet I...

The Thinking Man

Greetings prog dogs (no one calls you that), and welcome to week three of Thinking Man’s Thursday. Your weekly dose of metal that makes...


You know you're getting old when 20 years ago feels like just yesterday, but that's how I felt compiling this gallery of album covers...


Despite it only being January, 2017 is shaping up to look pretty great in terms of rock and metal releases. We're getting a new...

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This year, 2017, marks the 13th anniversary of the launch of Metal Injection. What a whirlwind. In what has become an annual tradition, at...


Six years between Lock Up albums is too long.

The Obituarist

"I can only read about Metallica, Meshuggah, BabyMetal and Devin Townsend so much before I wonder if metal publications are even on the same...


By the time it’s over, you might be able to feel the scraping of bare branches on your skin.


Surgeon are back and better than ever with an album that takes their sound to new, more epic extremes.

Show Recap

For many people, the legendary black metal bands of the early 1990s are like characters from a horror movie or your favorite dark fantasy...

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Not really physically "locked up," but you get the idea.