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You Can Be SUICIDE SILENCE's Roadie For $150 Per Show

Posted by on November 24, 2017 at 12:48 pm

Given none of you were born yesterday considering your ability to read this sentence, you're aware how jobs work. You show up to a place, you do a thing or several things, and then you get paid for those things or thing that you just did. However, if you hate money or you just blindly love Suicide Silence that much, you can pay them $150 to be their roadie at a show!

The perks for $150 listed on the band's website include the following.

  • Work along side the crew during load in
  • Stand sidestage for Suicide Silence's set
  • Enjoy a pre-show meal with the crew
  • Mingle with band during soundcheck
  • EXCLUSIVE SuiCrew T-shirt
  • Working crew laminate

I've taken the liberty to revise these bullets for accuracy.

  • Get in the way of actual professionals who know what they're doing and don't feel like being delayed in their work because you're just some person.
  • Hey look, the one thing you should actually pay for! Though $150 to stand on the side of the stage to watch Suicide Silence perform? Woof.
  • Free food kinda, except you paid $150 for it.
  • Hang with the band… which okay, I get VIP packages so I'll let this one slide as long as they actually mean "mingle with" and not just "get waved at and ignored."
  • T-shirt… again, $150.
  • See above, but replace "t-shirt" with "laminate."

Did I mention you're doing physical labor and paying them to do it? Oh, here's the actual physical merch aspect of the whole deal too. The bottom line is simple – this is a VIP package where you need to do actual work, and that's completely insane. I'm pretty sure you can go to a show, eat, and grab a shirt for maybe $60 tops.

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