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Watch: LAMB OF GOD Frontman's Counter-Party Scares Away Westboro Baptist Church

Don't mess with metalheads

randy protest

As promised, Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe showed up bright and early this morning to stage a counter-protest, nay, counter-party to the fun-hating Westboro Baptist Church. The church came to protest the election of Danica Roem to state legislature. She is Virginia's (and the nation's) first out trans person to be elected and serve in a state legislature.

The Church had a problem with it and Randy had a problem with their problem, so he launched a call to arms and gathered a fine group of miscreants. Before the protest, Randy explained his motivation to

"Why bother throwing a kazoo counterparty when the loonies of the Westboro Baptist Church show up? Well, first and foremost, Danica is my friend. I don't like people who mess with my friends. Second, their 'message' sucks — they do have the right to preach it, but we also have the right to drown it out with kazoos. Third, it's too good of an opportunity to pass up. Who doesn't want to hear a few hundred people playing the 'Sanford & Son' theme on kazoos? Only a truly godless and un-American puppy-kicking troglodyte, that's who.

"Why let a perfectly good chance for some harmless and hilarious mischief pass by? Some people say: 'Just ignore them, you're only giving them more publicity to raise money with.' I disagree. From the Southern Poverty Law Center website: 'Fred Phelps and his small congregation provide WBC's funding; the group neither solicits nor accepts outside donations.' Phelps is dead and gone, but many members of this 'church' are lawyers, and they fund their activities from lawsuits — someone loses their cool and punches one of them, and then they sue the pants off of the aggressor. Or a city won't let them protest, and then they sue the city. This has substantially increased their coffers several times.

"So let them come with their signs and nonsense. As long as everyone remains cool, ignores these mental cripples, and plays ripping kazoo tunes, then all the Westboro Baptist will have accomplished is burning some of the funds in their travel bank account."

Based on pictures, counter-protesters outnumbered the actual Church by at least four to one odds.

One person at the event reported that Randy's crew were such a nuisance that the ended their protest early. Hell yeah!

Here is some video from the event:

[via Blabbermouth]

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