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Jay Weinberg Pays It Forward To 14-Year-Old SLIPKNOT Fan Who Went Viral With Drum Cover

A cool full-circle moment for Slipknot's Jay Weinberg.

It's no secret that Jay Weinberg was exposed at a young age to rock and heavy metal by his father, Max Weinberg, who just so happened to make a name for himself in the music industry drumming for Bruce Springsteen, among other projects. Weinberg was even seen in early Slipknot home videos, donning a Corey Taylor mask, in a now legendary photo, that Weinberg recently even recreated:

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Meanwhile, 14-year-old Maren Alford was making waves online when her drum cover of Slipknot's "Unsainted" went viral a few weeks ago. Alford did a great job recreating Weinberg's performance:

The video made its way to Weinberg, who couldn't help be impressed. Much like with his own interest in drumming when he was younger, he saw something in Alford and thought it would be cool to invite her to Slipknot's gig in her hometown of Dallas this past Saturday. The two posed for photos and took a peak at Jay's actual kit.

Maren posted the following message to Facebook: "Best day EVER hanging out with Jay Weinberg before KNOTFEST in Dallas! Not only is he a beast behind the kit, but he’s also the most encouraging, kind and generous guy! Really a dream come true to meet and spend time with him and the Slipknot show was INCREDIBLE! THANK YOU for everything Jay – you’re the BEST! So much love for my SJC Custom Drums family!"

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How sweet is this? A very classy move by Jay, and his drum company, SJC.

Maren is also in a band, a pop-rock trio called NOT UR GIRLFRENZ, which also consists of two sisters. You can hear some of their music below, but be warned – it's not Slipknot.

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