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Why Apple AirPods Are A Decent Option To Listen To Music

Posted by on May 13, 2019 at 9:00 am

For someone who loves music, convenience over quality is never an option. You’d never want to compromise the sound quality just because the better equipment is heavier or slows down your mobility. The sounds produced by in-ear monitors can’t be compared to the substandard in-ear earphones.

But our circumstances have forced us to make that trade-off between quality and convenience. The fast lives we are leading don’t allow us to roam around with huge headphones on. Now that the choice is forced upon us the question is which earphones we should choose from. We believe if you want the best of both then Apple’s Airpods, despite their cons, are a level above the rest.


The efforts which Apple has taken to streamline the pairing process are commendable. The charging case is also a part of the pairing process. The moment you open the lid of the case a window will pop-up on your Apple device if you want to pair or not. Not only that, the Airpods will connect to every other Apple device in the vicinity which share the same iCloud account. This is the most hassle free that pairing process can be, if you already have Apple products.

Build and comfort

The Airpods have to be the tiniest wireless earphones ever made. They are so small that each earphone weighs only 4g. Unless your ears are so big that they defy normal standards the earphones will fit comfortably. And despite their tiny size they will be securely tucked in your ears. People have been exercising, running, and cycling with the Airpods without them falling out. Here are some helpful tips to get the most out of your Airpods.

Sound Quality

Finally, let’s talk about the device’s main purpose which is music. We are in no way claiming that Airpods are among the best devices out there. For a good music experience the market definitely has much better option at the same price, even cheaper. It has a decent sound quality for the price it quotes. And if you factor in the size and convenience of the Airpods they definitely make for an excellent choice.

Given their tininess you must keep in mind that the Airpods have next to no noise cancellation. But that may work in some people’s favor. As you can listen to you music and maintain a certain degree of awareness of your surroundings. When you are jogging or driving you want to be able to hear the vehicles approaching from the back.

The Airpod’s delivery is satisfying in that you can feel the weight in the base. The solid bottom end adds to the quality of the base. You can hear crisp and clear vocals which is a bonus for metalheads. The treble is perfectly in a balance with the weighty solid bottom end and doesn’t sound too harsh.

The device is quite impressive for the manner in which it handles bigger dynamic shifts. But the earphones fail to capture the fine details of multiple instruments. More number of instruments will result in different strand flow into each other.

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