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What? It's New Years Already?!

First off, on behalf of everybody here at METAL Injection I want to wish everybody reading a Happy New Year. Thank you for making 2006 our most successful year, and heres to a great 2007! I hope you guys had a br00tal New Years. As for the METAL Injection crew, I figured I'd just write up a little time line explaining how our night went:

We were invited to an office party in Times Square by Dan, the singer in Frank's band, Dividing Light. We had to arrive at 8, and take an alternate route to get into Times Square.

8:00 – We arrive at Times Square, show the wonderful police officers our credentials and end up walking through the frieght entrance of the building, and being a little buzzed, Darren mentions how this is exactly like that scene in Spinal Tap where they get lost backstage prompting the rest of us to yell out "Hello Clevland! Rock and Roll!"

8:05 – We arrive, no problem to the office, which is on the 15th floor and I immediately look out the window to see the view, and it's pretty ridiculous:

Times Square on New Years Times Square on New Years

8:06 – I can't believe how many people are down there, and were probably down there the whole day to get in line to see a ball which is not as big as you may think it is:

NYE Ball

It definitely seems bigger on TV.

9:05 – A bunch of bands that nobody cares about perform to the thousands of people freezing their asses off. Meanwhile, the Metal Injection crew rock out to the Godfather of Soul…James Brown (He's got soul AND he's super bad)

9:30 – Around this time, after 2 cups of liquor, and a bunch of beer, I am on my way to being completely plastered.

9:45 – Dan takes us to the other office space they have in the building, which is actually on the 35th floor. Its so VIP, that it requires 2 different elevator rides. The balcony on this floor provide for some interesting views, as the people in Times Square looked even more like roaches. Oh and there was a really huge clock there too:

The view from the 35th FloorHuge Ass Clock

9:50 – Dan takes us over to the other side of the building where we were basically at eye level with the not-so-big New Years ball. I was getting kind of hungry so I tried to eat the ball:

I love big balls

10:00 – There is a practice run of the ball drop. No joke. There was a countdown, and confetti flying everywhere. In one of the lamest moves ever by the city, the confetti was sponsored by Target, meaning they had their dumb little logos on all the confetti. Ugh, is nothing sacred anymore? The confetti also had messages like "Dream", "Peace" and other dumb crap, if it were more honest it would've had "Sellout" written all over them…that's right, I went there!

10:15 – I'm pretty fucking drunk

10:20 – We run into a few party crashers from a different floor and they start telling us that there is a Rolling Stone party 2 floors above us. I immediately grab anybody who will come with me and we head to the party and try to crash it.

10:22 – We crash the Rolling Stone party

10:23 – I realize this is the lamest party ever, with no alcohol in sight and just a bunch of pretentious people all around us.

10:24 –  Some lamazoid in a suit comes up to me and Darren and asks us who we're with. Being a complete stumbling fool, I turn to Darren and ask who we're with…at which point the lamazoid kindly asks us to leave. Our feelings weren't hurt as the party was so lame, we were 3 seconds away from leaving anyway.

11:15 – We crash some hip hop party, and this time, we leave before we even get kicked out.

12:00 – The clock strikes 12 and we have a birdseye view. I proceed to rape Marina's cheek. Just to give you an idea of how drunk I was:

I'm fucked up

12:05 – The big climax of the night is over and in what seemed like an instant, almost everybody is gone from the streets of Times Square:

Where is everybody going?

I don't even know when: I'm really REALLY fucked up. We ended up going to some diner, where I could barely keep my head up. Clearly, the night was a success, and it was definitely one of the most fun New Years experiences I've had. Good times with all my friends.

How was your New Years? Let me know in the comments…

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