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Watch President Barack Obama Praise Finland's Metal Culture (Seriously!)

I wonder if Barack Obama blasts Children of Bodom?

I wonder if Barack Obama blasts Children of Bodom?

Is President Barack Obama the most metal president in United States history? A few months ago, he made headlines for namedropping Korn which led to an amazing video mashup.

Today (May 13, 2016), Obama held a summit with the Presidents of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden in attendance and while speaking to Finnish president Sauli Niinistö, Obama commented on the country's heavy metal culture:

"I do wanna point out that Finland has perhaps the most heavy metal bands in the world per capita and also ranks high on good governance. I don't know if there's any correlation there."

Here's the video:

Pretty cool, right? In a recent study, it was discovered that Finland has the most metal bands per capita of any other country., which is what President Obama was referring to.

In related news, I found this amazing Photoshop of what Obama would look like as a scene metalhead:

Scene Metal Obama


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