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Tim Lambesis Trial

AS I LAY DYING's First Message To Fans In Months Is About A Guitar Auction?!

As I Lay Dying have kept pretty quiet since the arrest of their frontman Tim Lambesis  on May 7th for attempting to hire a hitman to murder his wife. The band made a statement on May 8th saying, essentially, they will let the legal process take it's course before they decide on any sort of action. Since that, Lambesis himself made some vauge comments on his personal Facebook page, but quickly deleted them, afriad they'd be taken out of context and not realizing that screenshots last forever.

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Other than confirming the cancellation of a few tours, the official Facebook page has been inactive up until yesterday afternoon, when a new message surfaced, but not about the future of the band, or Tim's trial. The message was about some third-party eBay auction: 

as i lay dying facebook screenshot

Whoever posted it apparently didn't clear it with the rest of the band, because guitarist Phil Sgrosso posted an update shortly after (which he has since deleted) stating:

PhilSgrosso status

This is where the drama picks up as the official AILD page responded to Phil's status in the comments stating:

Phil's faulty memory should be discussed internally and not on the internet. Would make sense to check before causing drama.

I guess Phil got a stern talking to since he deleted the status, not before a Metal Injection junkie could send us the above screenshot and a screenshot of the comment. Regardless, the original post still stands and naturally, fans are confused. Why is the band posting about auctions and not updating their fans on their status?

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Fans went into the comments of the auction post and asked just that. To whomever is manning the page's credit, they went in and addressed fans' concerns:


Well, there's that last update, right? Still, should the band even be calling attention to themselves until this Tim trial gets resolved? Lambesis is scheduled back in court next month.

[Thanks for the tip, Josh R.]

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