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THE FALL OF TROY Is Reunited, Will Release Music For Free From Now On

Posted by on January 21, 2014 at 2:38 pm

There were some rumblings of a The Fall of Troy reunion back in September but nothing more substantial than a few planned shows and the vague possibility of even more shows. It also seemed a little unlikely that the band would reunite given the fact that frontman and guitarist Thomas Erak's involvement with Chiodos… but here we are with this lovely Facebook post:

“Last month was the first time we played together, in front of anyone, in over five years. The nervousness, the trepidation, the self-doubt that we felt leading up to that weekend disappeared when we hit that stage. You welcomed us back.

As the weekend began, we really saw how awesome you guys truly are. You took care of each other, you made new friends states away, and you treated us like we never left.

As the weekend continued, we realized that you guys were no longer fans, you had become part of our weird family. You were the 4th member of the band.

As the weekend ended, you guys left, and we missed you. We missed all our new brothers and sisters we had met, and most importantly, we want to meet more of you.

So we decided that we, The Fall of Troy, are going to stay around as long as you, our family, want us to.

We are nothing without you, and that is why we are going to do things differently this time around. We’re going to go directly to you guys, no more middle men, all DIY.

We’re booking our own shows, where you want to see us. We are recording our own music, and we doing it all for you, and for free. Consider yourself our label, consider yourself our booking agent. We play where you want us to play, and we make music for you."

The Fall of Troy only released four albums in their brief career, with the most recent being 2009's In the Unlikely Event. It was a solid discrography that could have easily been left alone and respected by fans for the rest of forever, but more The Fall of Troy is always welcome. I love Erak's insane riffing style more than anything. It's kind of like if Veil of Maya's Mark Okubo wrote erratic poppy songs instead of erratic metal songs!

The band also announced a show on Feb. 22 in Seattle, Wa. at The Showbox if you're interested.

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