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THE FACELESS' Michael Keene Working On Remix Of 2008's Planetary Duality

Posted by on June 4, 2020 at 12:00 pm

The Faceless mastermind Michael Keene originally plotted a remix of the band's 2008 masterpiece Planetary Duality in 2017. That remix never arrived, but according to Keene in an interview with The Big Shred Podcast he's working on it and people have already heard it.

"I always felt it didn’t quite get the mix that it deserved. So now that I finally have the chance to give it the mix it deserves, I’m really, really stoked to be doing that. Everyone I’ve played it for, musicians, non-musicians—non-musicians that are familiar with the record—everyone can hear the night and day difference. It sounds really, really good, I’m super super proud of it and stoked for people to hear it."

Keene also revealed in 2019 he's working on two new The Faceless records.

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