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SLIPKNOT Already Playing Around With New Material For Next Album

Posted by on September 10, 2019 at 12:05 pm

Slipknot just released their new album We Are Not Your Kind and will more than likely release an unreleased record from 2008 titled Look Outside Your Window sometime soon. Though clearly that output is just not enough for Slipknot, as drummer Jay Weinberg says in an interview with Outside The 9 that the band is already thinking about the next record.

"Yes. I can say yes. We're musicians. That's what we do — we write and create music, and we've created songs that we've announced that is Slipknot's sixth album. But we're constantly in a creative mode.

So once we finish album number six, yeah, I think our attention definitely turns to, of course, touring and playing music in support of this new album that we've created and that we're really excited to share.

But just as artists who want to keep pushing forward and charting new territory and keep making art that we're really proud of, of course we're thinking about the next record. So, we'll see.

Who knows what that's gonna be like, when that's gonna be, but, yeah, we're always thinking about new music and what the next album is gonna be like."

Slipknot just announced their Knotfest Mexico and Columbia lineups. Expect tons more touring in the wake of We Are Not Your Kind.

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