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SLAYER's Kerry King Calls Dave Mustaine "Crazy" And Wonders How MEGADETH Keeps Any Members

"I don't know how anybody can be in Megadeth for more than a couple of hours, 'cause that guy's crazy."

"I don't know how anybody can be in Megadeth for more than a couple of hours, 'cause that guy's crazy."

There's a lot of shade being thrown at Dave Mustaine right now. Former guitarist Marty Friedman and former drummer Nick Menza aren't fans and the whole metal community is wondering why he keeps calling every guitarist that has even been in Megadeth the best the group has ever had. So let's let Slayer guitarist Kerry King add some fuel to the fire!

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In a recent interview with Loudwire, King starts off by talking about how cool it was to see Metallica with Mustaine before shit hit the fan and how great of a guitarist Mustaine was back in the day.

"I was one of the lucky people — and there's certainly no offense against Kirk Hammett; Kirk's a wonderful friend of mine — but I was lucky enough to see Metallica with Mustaine. And I say that because it's just a rare thing to be able to say that. I saw them play with Woodstock [in Los Angeles], and I was so intrigued by Mustaine, because he was just ripping on guitar and looking out that way somewhere. And I can't do that to this fuckin day. So I was just blown away at his guitar playing. And to find out — I think it was through B.C. Rich, 'cause we all played B.C. Rich back then… I think it was through B.C. Rich I found out that Dave was inquiring if I would play [with Megadeth]."

So far so good. Then King continues and talks about how he'd have joined Megadeth because it would have helped Slayer's name out… and then things go south pretty quick in terms of King's opinion of Mustaine.

"At the end of the day, I thought, 'This is a gigantic learning situation.' And I also thought people would see me and know me from Slayer. 'Cause, I mean, we only went to the Bay Area; we only got up there. So I think if people saw me, it would at least make 'em think, 'Slayer.' So I had Slayer's best intentions in mind. I didn't go and say, 'Hey, I wanna be in Megadeth.' I don't know how anybody can be in Megadeth for more than a couple of hours, 'cause that guy's crazy."

King then backtracks a little bit and says that he's talking about Mustaine now and how he's come along as a person. King also clarifies that he wouldn't join Megadeth today, just in case you were wondering after he dropped a statement like that.

"He was cooler back then. I think there's been a lot of drugs and funny extracurriculars between now and then that helped shape who he is today. But it was good times back then. Playing all the venues Slayer played and just… I don't know… playing different music. His stuff is definitely more… I wouldn't say 'intricate,' 'cause we've got intricate parts too, but it's just… He writes riffs in a very different perspective than I… Even after playing with him for a number of months, I'd still… I wouldn't do it; it's just not my style."

So there you have it! Kerry King also thinks Mustaine is not someone to associate with… is there a club of these people yet? I feel like there should be a club.

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[via Blabbermouth]

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