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Rumor Has It FOO FIGHTERS Are Breaking Up, Band To Make Announcement Tonight

Are the Foos done?

Are the Foos done?

Dave Grohl, the coolest motherfucker in rock, is in the middle of a drama storm. Various reports are indicating that the legendary rocker is planning to go solo and at least one bandmate is none-too-pleased.

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The reputable music publication known as NY Post's Page Six reports that Grohl's solo plans don't sit well with drummer Taylor Hawkins:

The band is currently taking a break, and we’re told it’s so Grohl can do his own thing. “The band is billing it as a ‘break,’ but it’s totally Dave going solo, and Taylor is pissed about it,” a source told us. Grohl’s Oscar performance on Sunday night was his big entrance into his solo career. But another source close to the group insisted to us that buzz of bad blood over a split is “completely untrue.”

A rep for the band told Entertainment Weekly that the rumors of the band's demise are "utterly untrue."  There is nothing scheduled Foo-wise for this year, and Hawkins has said he plans to work more with his cover band, Chevy Metal.

Meanwhile, EW points to an interview they did with Grohl last year where Grohl implied the band would never break up:

"The band is more than a musical group,” he said. “It’s a family and it’s become a way of life with us. We love each other. When the Foo Fighters show up to the airport and there’s four SUVs waiting to drive us away, we all get in one SUV, still, to this day. It’s how we f—ing roll…We’re not breaking up anytime soon, that would be like your grandparents getting a divorce. Too weird.”

Foo Fighters themselves have kept queit on the subject but promise an announcement sometime shortly:

Is everybody just jumping to conclusions? We'll find out soon enough.

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