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OZZY Says He "Cannot Wait" To Go Back Out On The Road, Offers Health Update

Posted by on August 1, 2020 at 2:11 pm

We have been getting some mixed messages on Ozzy Osbourne's recovery, but things do sound like they're improving. In 2019, Ozzy suffered from both a bad bout of pneumonia and then re-awakened some old (and serious) injuries during a bad fall. It looks like Ozzy is slowly recovering. Ozzy, Sharon and Jack Osbourne sat down with SiriusXM’s Jenny McCarthy for a Town Hall Special and during the interview, Ozzy gave us a positive update on his heath.

"I’m not back to 100%. I’m not back to 75% there, but it’s just such a slow recovery." said the Prince of Darkness. "I mean, it was fine surgeries, bad news man. I had a moment with Sharon, we were recently talking, if we’d have known then what we know now, we’d all be in such a bad state. I’m still having a lot of pain.

"Nothing like I was. There was a point I was saying to Sharon, I was convinced I was dying. I was in that much pain and discomfort and misery. I thought they were all hiding it [that I was dying] from me. I remember, I was saying to Sharon, “You’ve got to level with me. It’s worse than you’re making it out.” She says, “No.”

"I’ve dropped all the medication for pain now."

When asked about going back on the road, Ozzy responded, "I cannot wait!" But he also noted "The way it’s going with this coronavirus, I hear indoor shows will be a thing of the past."

We are all wishing Ozzy the best and hope that he will continue to stay happy and healthy at home.

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