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New NECROPHAGIST scheduled for April 2010? Not so fast…


The other day I was on Lambgoat and saw this news bit:

A new Necrophagist full-length is tentatively slated for an April 2010 release.

Gasp! I got extremely excited. Finally, a tentative date. Just to make sure, I e-mailed somebody in the know at Relapse who delivered some bummer-worthy news.

The album was scheduled for a April 2010 release a few months ago but this is no longer the case. The craziest part is there is currently NO TIME TABLE FOR THE RELEASE! To which I ask, what the heck is taking so long? Epitaph was released five years ago.

We interviewed frontman Muhammed SuiƧmez a year ago and he said that it would be out this past summer. Then, I read in the program for this year's Summer Slaughter that Muhammed doesn't want to rush things and just wants to make something good. The only taste of new material is one new song titled "Dawn and Deminse" the band performed live.

Ok, I totally get it. He is an aritst and doesn't want to be rushed. But at some point you have to wonder, when this finally comes out, will anybody care? This record is almost shaping up to be the death metal Chinese Democracy, but the problem is will all the 15 year olds who jizzed over the music 5 years ago even care when this album comes out? They will be 21 and perhaps moved on to other subgenres or perhaps out of metal all together. Personally, I am still holding out hope, but pretty soon, it could just be too late.

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