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MONOLORD Vocalist Plotting Solo Album For 2020

Posted by on September 25, 2019 at 12:11 pm

Monolord just released one of my favorite records of 2019, No Comfort. The record was Monolord's debut on Relapse Records after a stint with RidingEasy Records, though Monolord vocalist and guitarist Thomas V. Jäger isn't done with the latter just yet. Jäger has revealed he's working on a solo album due out in 2020 via RidingEasy Records that steps away from Monolord's usual distorted tones, and into the realms of "pain, sorrow & death in an acoustic shroud."

Here’s @kallelilja Blackmore.. He is gonna mix my solo album at @welfaresounds. Released 2020 on @easyriderrecord. Don’t expect heavy downtuned rock. Expect pain, sorrow & death in an acoustic shroud.

Stay tuned and get stoked as 2020 continues to shape up to be pretty great.

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