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KORN's Brian ‘Head’ Welch Says Band Inspired Some Great Bands, Some Terrible Bands

"You have to think that’s an accomplishment!"

Photo by Robert Forte

Korn has been a major player in the metal world for close to 30 years now, meaning they've had their fair share on influence on other bands. Guitarist Brian "Head" Welch is absolutely aware of this, and in an interview with Metal Hammer acknowledges that not every band influenced by Korn has been awesome.

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“I look at who came after us, and bands really took our sound and did amazing things with it; look at Slipknot and look at Linkin Park! I love both those bands, and they took what we did into whole new directions," he said.

"So, we inspired some bands that are much bigger than us, and some crappy bands as well. You have to think that’s an accomplishment!”

Welch alslo talked about rejoining the band for the first time on stage in 2012 at the Carolina Rebellion Festival after having been gone since 2005.

“The last few years in Korn seemed like I was in a fog, but when I left I tried to forget about those years for the longest time. So, when I jumped up onstage it was like an instant connection but yet it felt so foreign.

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"The last two years in Korn I was totally blissed out of my mind; either drunk or, for sure, on methamphetamines, so from this blurry memory to being clear as a bell, I was tripping. Like, ‘Whoah! This is surreal!’ It was really exciting.

"I thought it was just the closing of the book, we all forgave each other and I got one more chance to play with them. That was awesome.”

Korn is working on some big things currently and will announce them soon.

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